Austin Power Diesel (CD/SF)

Certified : API CD/CF/SF

Austin Power Diesel (CD/SF) is formulated with high-quality base oil and a multifunctional additive system. Designed to meet the needs of diesel engines. Also suitable for gasoline engines that require a monograde oil of API SF quality.

It  has  been  formulated  to  meet  the  all-year-round  requirements  of  passenger  car engines. Austin Power Diesel (CD/SF) combats the harmful effects of cold running, stop-start motoring and the formation of black sludge deposits in your engine.
• Trusted protection for any car
• Highly dependable, year-round protection
• Balanced formulation reduces the consumption of engine oil
• Excellent engine cleanliness and low combustion residues
• Promotes maximum engine performance
• Superior viscosity retention