Austin ATF Dexron III

Certified :  Allison C-4
                  Ford DIIIH/M

Austin ATF Dexron III is a premium automatic transmission fluid designed for use in vehicles. Austin ATF Dexron III is recommended as a make-up and/or refill automatic transmission fluid for all passenger cars, vans, It can also be used in power steering system and other hydraulic systems when recommended or specified by the equipment manufacturer.

• Oxidation  stability  –  Resists  chemical  degradation  over  long  service  periods to minimize the formation of lacquer and other harmful deposits under high- temperature operating conditions
• Superior wear protection – Minimizes wear of critical components in transmissions and hydraulic system
• Corrosion  prevention  –  Protects  against  rust  and  corrosion  of  all  transmission and hydraulic system components
• Controlled friction properties – Provides efficient and smooth shifting action of clutch plates over a wide range of operating temperature
• Foam resistance - Prevents excessive foaming, especially during high-speed operation